Impressions and Experience: Animate Girls Festival 2016

Those who follow me on twitter would know that this year I got the pleasure of going to Animate Girl’s Festival for the first time, which is the hallmark event for female fans of anime and games/drama CDs. Major companies and faces go to each event to promote their games etc. and people from all over Japan fight to attend. It happened on the 5th and 6th of November this year in the World Import Mart which is attached to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.

Unfortunately because of bad management ( ‾᷄꒫‾᷅ ) and being generally unlucky, I missed out on full day tickets and only managed to get afternoon tickets to the event, which means entry was only allowed after 1pm on each day. Not to mention the process of getting the tickets was a pain in the ass (´L_` )…

Anyways in general, unlike cons here in Australia (and I assume most places in the world) there are tickets specifically for cosplayers which allowed them to enter a cosplayer only area if I recall but (  ~´・_・`)~ I didn’t cosplay so I have no idea. The most I prepared with an itabag, which most attendees also had to put their best boy on display (・∀・)

Bear with me as I recap my experience in many photos and tweets www

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the event and I still miss it(^ω^)

Warning: Tweet/image heavy post ahead

AGF16 Day 1

For those who have never been to Ikebukuro before, because of Otome Road and the amounts of girl’s interests oriented stuff around, there’s always girls around carrying itabags. However, AGF was a whole different thing, with many times more than usual.

I arrived at Ikebukuro at about 11:30 AM and there were already a heap of cosplayers and girls around. Thinking it would be fine I went to Adores first to look at the limited AGF Oniichannel stuff (…which…was still available in high amounts…)

….This was a bad idea.

It was like 12 PM by the time I reached Sunshine City on the World Import Mart side and not believing the huge crowd on the side of the steps to be a line I walked all the way up only to see a sign that said “AFTERNOON TICKETS LINE”


Walking to the end of the line took at least 10 minutes from the start…

It ended up going round to the park next to the building and curving about 100 times after I lined up.

At about 1:10 ish, the line started moving and…an hour later I was almost there!

Luckily there were like 8 people checking tickets so once we started moving up closer to the entrance everything was fast.

Since I planned out what I wanted, I knew exactly what booths I wanted to visit, but the sheer amount of people and all the otome stuff on display was so overwhelming I couldn’t help but stop and stare in awe.

This…was a bad idea too. Things were already starting to sell out.

But of course most of these were things like “buy this item and receive a token to get a tokuten handed over to you by [insert seiyuu name here]”-which by the way with an afternoon ticket you have no hope of even getting.

I stumbled into the Green area first because although I planned the booths I wanted to visit….I didn’t prioritise anything….

Which is how I ended up at the Shiro to Kuro no Alice booth hosted by Kogado Girls Project.

They were also handing out invitations to the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. Which meant you got a letter from a random guy in the game, I had my boyfriend with me which meant I got 2x all the free stuff because he clearly had no interest in it (๑`・ᴗ・´๑)


Yes plz

On the same floor was the Ruby Party booth, which is the company that is home to the Neoromance series’ (ie. Kin Iro no Corda/Geten no Hana/Harukanaru Toki no Naka de). They were doing fukubukuro of goods from Haruka and Corda with left over stock from their past events. Being a fan of Haruka6 and Corda3 I had to get them…


One bag to rule them all

Unfortunately the Haruka bag was all from the older series which I’ve never played, but the Corda one was filled with 3 stuff ( ◠‿◠)

Luckily it’s also a thing in Japan to promote your company with free stuff! Ruby Party had free clear files and stickers promoting Corda Octave which I proceeded to collect ( °◡͐°)✧

The Aichuu booth was in the same hall and there was a life-size Kokoro-chan cut out next to the register ( ´བ` ) my photo turned out blurry so I can’t even post that.

Most of the booths had the same series honestly, like there’s a heap of Idolish7, and Ensemble Stars. Guess that’s just how popular it is in Japan.

A lot of things had AGF only bonuses like the Idolish7 petanko straps/keychains etc. which most people traded off characters they don’t want in the Blue area and on Twitter.

I stumbled into the Blue area once and it was hell, everyone was sitting with their goods out and it was so hard not to trample people K… Not to mention it was stuffy as.

Sometime in between my boyfriend was whining about hunger, no you should be satisfied with the eye candy I say. I conceded and we went inside Sunshine City to get food. A lot of people were walking around with the token AGF2016 pink bag so it was easy to spot comrades lol.

As I got to the water fountain plaza area, I HEARD AOI SHOUTA… Turns out the Marginal #4 stage event just wrapped up and all the seiyuu were saying their good byes to the crowdヽ(^ω^)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’  Masuda Toshiki, Ogawa Genki were also there and said something along the lines of “there was so much revealed today we hope you enjoy the anime!” while I was standing there wailing “WHAT DID YOU REVEAL?”

Though the other fangirls were intense, all the areas where you could remotely see the guys were taken and it was difficult to see anything lol.

 So yeah I missed the free stage event because I’m unorganised.

On top of that, there were pretty much lines to get into every hall…So I advise anyone planning to go to plan their day very well.

Given I only had about 3 hours to surf through the halls to get what I wanted, the rest of my day was really spent buying AGF limited stuff.

I went back to the oniichannel stuff after AGF…and it was all gone (´・ω・`)…………. Devastated, that night I just went through all the bags and bags of stuff I bought/got for free lol

AGF16 Day 2


Having learnt from the day before, no detours were made lmfao.

…I arrived about an hour earlier than Day 1 and the line was a bit shorter, only having reached the stairs rather than the park!

Most of what I wanted to buy was done the previous day, so there was more leeway to look around, which seems like what most people were doing as well. There were also fewer people since I guess a lot had to travel back to get ready for work on Monday.

I walked around and there was a Shimonnu cut out that was signed by him and Kakki (lol).

I walked by Otomate’s booth, which was still as popular as Day 1…and there were so many people I didn’t want to go buy my Ukyo keychain (;´Д`)ノ…

I thought there was a line to get into the line to buy stuff…but…I was so so very so wrong

As I snapped a photo and posted it on twitter, one of my followers asked if the guy in my photo was Tsuda Kenjiro.

A few hours later I noticed.

And stared.

And stared.

Before this all happened, I got to see the rest of the booths and take more photos.

There were a lot of new goods that were set to come out soon/announced as well and while most were already up on news sites I got to see them in person °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°




Actually this is wrong lol, the plush were B prize… A were some tapestries which I didn’t take photos of because TAPESTRIES QwQ….


One of the cuter booths was the Ensemble Stars booth where they had decorations…which I’m not quite sure for what reason it was designed like that.

There were boards at the back of the booth of Switch…with pentagrams.


The side was a black board with a lot of the games CGs of each boy.

And I couldn’t resist my best boys.

There were also shoe boxes, which I later found out you could leave fan letters in


If I had known Shu and Souma would just have Kimoi letters like this posted to them

There was a black board behind the registers which had the signatures of a lot of the guys too.

A few booths were also giving out free stuff at different times of the day so I basically waited around hoping to grab some cool stuff lol

Like Hobigirls were giving out a booklet of free setting materials (rough illustrations) of the new Sangoku Renseki game, BF(kari) booth was giving out free post cards and sticky notes, Dramatic Create/HuneX booth were giving out demos for Steam prison + an info booklet etc.


Some of the stuff I got owob


I cannot stress how important info is for the event. You must must must check their twitter feeds constantly to check where stuff is and run and pray you get it lol. I missed out on a lot.

Closer to the end of the day….was the Magikyun Renaissance stage event!

I got there half an hour before it started….and there were already not enough spots to see. In the end I was right above the stage and worried I’d only see the seiyuu’s heads 。゚(´っωc`)゚。

Kenn, Hatano Wataru, Eguchi Takuya and Aoi Shouta were named to appear in the stage event so it was understandable that the crowd was insanely huge.

In the end I couldn’t see the screen LOL, but I could see the seiyuu….’s heads.

I forgot the topic leading into it, but I think the seiyuu were talking about where they wash first when bathing (?) and Aoi Shouta mentioned that he dries his hair naked after his shower. Hatano and Eguchi asked him “if you ever tweet a photo of himself drying your hair, does that mean you’re naked?” and he replied “yep” www

I tweeted it earlier too, but I made a mistake and said he was dressed |D so I deleted those tweets.

During the event they were showing the cut scenes from the Magikyun game (? I think) and had the guys voice a line each for their chars. My number 1 気になる is Teika who’s seiyuu Umehara wasn’t there ;w;…

My boyfriend watched the latest episode at the time, which was Louis-focused, and when he heard the line, he immediately went to me “OH NO NOT THAT GUY”. (。◕ ∀ ◕。)

But it seemed like the rest of the cast was obsessed with Hatano’s character too, they mentioned “sexy basketball” A LOT. In fact…they re-enacted it on stage.


Hatano first did his sexy basketball dunking and the girls went wild. Lmfao can’t imagine how embarrassing it was for Hatano. Later on they were forced to have a fake “sexy basketball game” where the rest of the guys were on “sexy defense”.

IIRC KENN did a weird side stepping thing waving his arms around with Shoutan. But then, Eguchi…He stood there without moving, just covering his crotch and his chest.

This caused the rest of the cast to be like “YO DUDE WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT (LOL)”

In the end, they were dancing to the Magikyun ending theme and asked the audience to join in where they were standing.

And then it was time for them to leave。゚(´っωc`)゚。

One thing I noticed was that Eguchi seems to go the extra mile to make fans feel special. He actually looked around the crowd and waved in every direction for as long as he could while leaving. The other three guys seemed to miss where I was standing or only waved like once (´・ω・`)…

As the crowd was dispersing I went downstairs toward the Pokemon Centre…

I heard the distinct fangirl scream…The seiyuu were back out to take photos for what I assume were news articles/promotional materials.

Everyone bolted back to see the stage (including me LOL) and continued to scream.

At this stage it was getting late and AGF was reaching its end. When I checked twitter, it turns out that there were other seiyuu at the booths and stuff while I was watching the Magikyun event. So remember to prioritise events by your favourite seiyuu or you might miss out on events. ´◓ω◓`)Srsly, they’re all overlapping all over the place so you gotta make sacrifices.

That ends my lengthy recap of AGF2016, but honestly if its possible, you should experience it for yourself. It was one of the best events I’ve ever gone to and such an eye opening experience. If only I could’ve taken more photos…

Anyway tips for people who wanna go AGF someday:

  • Get your tickets early, like as soon as they announce preorder
  • Plan your route carefully+what you want to buy (AGF limited items first/early sales last)
  • Look at what is available at each booth before the day, follow their twitters
  • Get there early because…seriously the lines were terrible, and if you end up on the stairs while lining up, don’t wear a dress like me lmao its windy as fuck
  • Prioritise events you want to attend and make sure you have a backup plan if you miss out
  • Bring a big bag for all your purchases and make good use of all the storage lockers available cuz your shoulders gonna hurt like hell
  • Organise item trades and what not for blind packs over twitter unless you got a lot of time to wander around the trading area (cuz I’d rather spend my time watching events/going to booths)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at AGF owob! //goes back to not updating blog again


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