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First Impressions of Magic-Kyun! Renaissance // Ichijouji Teika Route

As most people would know, Magic-Kyun (Majikyun) was an anime airing this winter in Japan which finished it’s run a few days ago. What they should also realise is that it was based on an otome game released in September.


Honestly the anime was balls but they didn’t shaft the heroine for fujoshi fanservice like UtaPri so I’ll give them credit for that. I also particularly liked that the main climax involved the heroine’s insecurities with herself, so the dudes were there to help her, rather than the usual girl is the one who loves the guy just as they are!1!!1111 The first episode left a pretty deep impression me despite originally casting off the premise as some wannabe magical idol series so I hunted the game down.

That being said, the game will have differences to the anime so I’ll be looking at this game from a comparative perspective versus the anime, so there might be spoilers for the anime.

The premise of Majikyun is that there is this super high class private academy called Hoshinomori Magical Arts High School (Hoshigei) which only students with the power of magical arts can attend. Aigasaki Kohana has dreamed of attending due to her admiration of her mother and wishes to become the Artista Princess just like her mother.

When she arrives at the school, she immediately runs into Teika while looking for the dorms, who mistakes her as a prospective examinee and takes her to the staff office. He asks her why she wants to go to Hoshigei and Kohana spouts that she wants to be the Artista Princess impressing Teika with her unwavering confidence, who replies with “the school needs someone like you” and leaves. Unable to find any staff in the office, she wonders around and hears someone playing the cello. Hibiki Kanato is practicing the cello in order to catch up to his senpai and they offer to listen to him. Walking away, Kohana bumps into Anjou Louis who plays around with her in a game of …dance…tag (????) with his fans. Prying herself away from that, Kohana stumbles on Tatewaki Rintarou sculpting. After they awkwardly make eye contact, she runs away to the art club room and is speechless at Tsukushi Monet’s monotone art’s beauty. He comes outta nowhere and scares Kohana into thinking she was being a bother and she runs out on to the ground where she spots a dragon in the fucking sky. The dragon was actually Suminomiya Aoi’s magical calligraphy and Kohana decides not to disturb him.

Next day somehow Kohana’s made it to her dorm and….is already good friends with Chikamatsu Juri (main character power!). They both go to class and Toudou Chieri does nothing to introduce Kohana as per the anime, and just tells them that Kohana along with Aoi and Teika are part of the Hoshigei Summer Festa committee. Teika immediately objects to working with Kohana but Toudou sensei doesn’t budge.

Starting out, the immediate difference I noticed was that Kohana isn’t completely airheaded like the anime in the introduction. She has some idea what she’s doing, so that’s,,,,,,,good?????

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