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DYNAMIC CHORD Overall Thoughts

I’m gonna try just compressing all my future posts down to something simpler to reduce the strain it puts on me because honestly I never planned on summarising game routes but somehow ended up doing it anyway. So what I’ll do now is just write up a basic thoughts/compaints etc. without spoilers as usual, but under the spoiler-y parts I’m only going to mention whatever is relevant so it won’t contain everything that happens.

DYNAMIC CHORD originally didn’t interest me at all because I thought it was just another idol thing but I got interested in apple-polisher because of Umehara Yuuichirou – but all their songs were sung by Aoi Shouta… So since the games started coming out I’ve been waiting for the apple-polisher game.

Given the things I’ve heard about the other games, my expectations dropped quite dramatically but I was bored enough to pick up this one. And in summary boy am I glad I did!

I kind of like the whole unmasking of each char when you finish their route too

In this game, the heroine Hiiragi Miu is a singer under the stage name MIU who is at the peak of her popularity. She is shown the ropes of the entertainment business by Grieflullaby, a senior band and they put her in contact with apple-polisher, who is a relatively unknown band under DYNAMIC CHORD. The singer of apple-polisher is NaL – Amagi Narumi, who was actually Miu’s childhood friend and first love from when she lived in America. And with that connection, she ends up becoming close to each of the members, Kurosawa Shinobu (Kuro), Aoi Yuuki (UK) and Otoishi Yuusei (Toi).

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