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Yoiyomori no Hime// All other routes and Final Thoughts

It took me a while but I! Finished! Yoiyomori!

As promised I’m gonna write a thing on the game. I posted a poll on twit a month ago asking if people wanted me to do non-spoiler posts or one with spoilers and…the latter won by a small margin so I hate you all (❀╹◡╹)

I’m going to keep writing a summary I suppose, but I’m gonna condense it down to the bare minimum given I can’t be bothered half the time and probably just not bother when it’s a game that’s worth playing. I dunno I need to work that all out first.

Moving on, this post is about the entirety of the remaining routes in Yoiyomori no Hime.

From my last post on the game:


The game is set during a war between Schonwald and Stahl, two neighbouring countries with the supposedly cursed Dark Night Forest (Yoiyomori, gomen I couldn’t think of a better english translation aside from literal evening night forest) lining their borders. The story opens with the heroine Ilza running through Yoiyomori, just barely escaping with her life after an attack on her village Blume, left everyone else dead.

She collapses in the forest but is rescued by Julian who then takes her to a mansion which is shared by him and 6 other young men, Claus, Harold, Miriam, Lutz, Ulrich and Lambert. Upon realising her situation, the group’s “leader” Claus takes Ilza’s only memento of her parents hostage and forces her to stay in the mansion with them for reasons unknown. He reveals that every single one of them have been exiled to the forest by Dictator-Prince Erenfried of Stahl, and all harbour a deep grudge against the country. They all live with each other under the same common goal of hoping to exact revenge one day and tell Ilza her best chance of doing right by her village is by being with them anyway.

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Analysis // Otome game sales number crunching

So I came across the sales rankings for otome games (and some other games geared toward a female audience ie. BL/games with otome elements) since 1997 to 2017 and I decided this was what all my extra years of higher education had been preparing me for…..

And I analysed the data a little.

For the sake of clarity, this data is for Japanese language games only and I’m going to group everything under otome game even though there are some other games in here (like 3 or 4 titles from what I could see). Also depending on the source the values for each of these columns can vary so take my analysis as an indicator rather than as an absolute sale volume.

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