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ITABAGS! // The more u kno

Recently itabags have been all the rage in Japan and they’re slowly spreading overseas with many fans collecting way too much merch of their favourite anime/seiyuu/actor/etc.etc. Being an avid collector myself it was like a epiphany moment “you mean I can actually use all 12489049013 of my rubber straps?!” and thus began the spiral to hell.

I’m doin this because I realise I’ve accumulated info which may be out there but I’m not trying to push my merch on ppl and shit so have an (un)biased look at itabagging from someone who lost her wallet to this as well as other expensive hobbies.

Anyway I imagine that not everyone reading this post would be my usual otome game loving visitor so I’m putting a warning here: I’m probably gonna swear. A lot. If you’re reading this to fix up your own itabag lol you’re probably an adult anyway to be able to afford goods.

What are itabags?

Bags. With merch on them. Technically any bag with merch on it is considered an itabag. However, its becoming increasingly more associated with bags that have at least your body weight in merch on it.

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