Mizu no Senritsu// Kirihara Takuya Route and Initial Thoughts

Have you ever had an obsession with a voice actor who rarely ever takes center stage anymore? That’s me with CV: Koyasu Takehito. And that was my reasoning for picking up a game that was released for the PS2 in 2005, and ported to the PSP in 2009.

Mizu no Senritsu (loosely translating to the melody of water), was a game from the company KID which….doesn’t exist anymore. The story follows 16 year old Shiraishi Hina (name not changeable). As a 6 year old, Hina’s last memories in her hometown of Shouwa were of her suffering from an unexplained high fever which left her no choice but to leave without saying goodbye to any of her friends. Before she knew it, whenever she was sad, it always seemed to rain. Ten years later, due to her parents needing to work overseas, Hina is left to dorm life at Shouwa High school. There, she reunites with her childhood friends Kusakabe Hitomi and Shinno Kengo (CV: Suzumura Kenichi).

Mizu no Senritsu’s main screen

On her first day of high school, Hina is pushed down the stairs by an unknown assailant. Luckily she is saved by Kengo but Hina can’t help but be unnerved by the “prank”. Again and again, Hina keeps being attacked, which is when she realises someone is out to get her. It becomes apparent that the second year Kirihara Takuya (CV: Koyasu Takehito), and his elder brother and history teacher Kirihara Takahito (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) know something about her that she doesn’t.

Left: Takuya, Right: Takahito

When Kagara Shuuichi (CV: Morita Masakazu) and Akizuki Kei (CV: Kondou Kouichi) from the neighbouring high school force a meeting, Hina is attacked by Katase Tetsuo (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki). Not knowing what is happening, Hina ends up being dragged into a clan war between the Kusou Clan and the Ichiyou Clan.

There are a few more characters that appear but…I’m not sure what their relevance is to the main story is yet so I’ll leave them out for now.

Click here to skip the spoilers completely

Spoilers?? Do you care? This game is 15 years old. It’s a whole damn teenager.

You wanna know how Hina ends up running into Takuya at all in the first place? When she was pushed down the stairs on her first day, she hears a voice (CV:Koyasu)  say “watch out”. After that she hears Takuya (CV Koyasu) talking to Takahito and she knows that it was him from his voice. This game was made for me LMFAO.

It was interesting that they opted for a sprite rather than CG but I guess this is easier

Anyway he ends up saving her again from being attacked by Hitomi with a knife, getting injured in the process. Weirdly enough Hina is just ???? the entire time Takuya tries to explain that Hitomi was being mind controlled, because how is that normal? But 2 days later, the wound disappears which sparks suspicion from Hina.

On one of the first weekends, Kengo invites Hina on a date but she doesn’t realise his obvious feelings for her. On their way home, she ends up getting bitten by some rabid dogs that also seemed like they were under control. The following day, the wound disappears as if it was never there to begin with, which freaks Hina and Kengo out. Recognising that this also happened with Takuya, she immediately runs to him for an explanation.

Takuya refuses to explain anything to her but Takahito tells her that her Kusou blood is awakening. With everyone only giving bits and pieces of information, Hina is obviously confused and tries to talk to Shuuichi and Kei instead. They tell her that she’s part of the Kusou clan and that healing is a latent ability they all have. The next time they meet, Tetsuo appears. He tries to strike her down with a designed sword but Shuuichi stops him. Hina learns that Shuuichi, Kei and Tetsuo are from the Ichiyou clan and Shuuichi tries to ask Hina to trust them, but Hina is unable to.

Again, with too many questions and no explanation, Hina approaches Takuya for answers. He refuses to tell her again but realises she needs to be protected from the Ichiyou clan since Tetsuo’s appearance. Hina wonders if she even needs protection since she has extraordinary healing abilities as a Kusou but the Ichiyou clan has the Suidantou, a sword which can kill Kusou members.

Hina begins to get closer with Takuya, with him constantly taking her home to the dorms to protect her. Takahito reveals to her that the clan has been surveilling her since they discovered she also had the ability of controlling the weather, an ability that the very first ancestor had. In fact this was the reason why Takuya was with her the entire time. Upset that Takuya was only keeping tabs on her, Hina asks why he’s with her but Takuya keeps answering that he can’t tell her or that its his role which further upsets Hina, causing her to run away from him.

Hina decides to bait Tetsuo to come out and ask him for answers instead. Tetsuo appears and calls her a monster since she is a Kusou and tries to kill her but Takuya saves her with his ability, which is the ability to control the wind. Unable to handle two Kusou, Tetsuo retreats. Takuya scolds Hina for doing something so dangerous but Hina yells back at Takuya saying that its his fault she can’t get any answers. It’s okay Hina, I was really annoyed at all the non-answers too.

Hina: Takuya-senpai, why are you staying by my side?

Unable to do anything about the current situation, Hina cries and it begins to rain. Takuya tries to console her but without answering her questions, its in vain. Later Takuya suggests that they goto the Kusou clan’s hidden village if Hina wants answers, but Takahito warns Hina not to, as there have been clan members suggesting trapping Hina there to keep her powers safe.

He buys her 6 different drinks because he doesn’t know what she likes lol

Still, Hina needs answers so she decides to go. At the entrance to the village, she has a flashback and realises this isn’t the first time she came here. She tells Takuya that she remembered she played with a young boy here when she was a kid but couldn’t remember anything else. Takuya hugs Hina and tells her that he’ll protect her no matter what, even if she ends up hating him.

In the Kusou clan’s hidden village, they meet with Takuya’s father the leader of the village, who tells Hina about the history of the Kusou clan. The first ancestor of the both the Kusou and Ichiyou clan was a woman by the name of Yao Bikuni, the priestess who ate the flesh of a mermaid and gained immortality. Like Hina, she also had the power to control the weather, and in the the warring times this was seen as a power akin to being a god. Everyone wanted that power, but early in Yao Bikuni’s life she couldn’t control the power, which lords saw as resistance. As a result, they tried to kill her several times but were unable to due to her immortality. Takuya’s father says that death was a gift from the gods, since it relieves one of their suffering but for the Kusou they cannot die as easily and thus continue suffering at the hands of humans. He tells Hina that she’s better off just staying in the village, away from humanity and the Ichiyou clan.

The power of the Kusou are passed from parent to child, but there was also a method of turning a human into a Kusou, by transfusing Kusou blood into a human. This was what had happened to Hina as a child and the fever she experienced as a result was the side effect of that process.

That night, Hina asks Takuya if he was the one who turned her into a Kusou. And no surprises, he did because as a kid he didn’t understand the weight of his actions but just understood that it was a method of “keeping them together forever”. Since he was the reason she turned into one of them, he tried to atone by protecting her and apologises. Hina says she’s happy because she can be with him.


The following day, Takuya’s father asks Hina what she wants to do about her future but before she can answer the village is set ablaze by the Ichiyou clan trying to exterminate the Kusou clan. Hina learns to control her powers suddenly from a divine revelation (I kid you not, what in the hell) and summons a rain which puts out the fire. She uses the power of lightning to destroy the Suidantou of the Ichiyou and they have no means of fighting anymore.

Shuuichi appears and tries to make amends with Takuya’s father and they begin peace talks because the Ichiyou, too, wanted peace. Since Hina’s power is basically broken, neither the Ichiyou nor the Kusou can defy Hina’s wishes. I….I don’t know how controlling the weather in this day and age is overpowered, but apparently it just is.

Hina chooses to live in the outside world with humans with Takuya and no one can stop her. Takuya says he has to take responsibility for turning her into a Kusou and stay with her because….that ritual was reserved for picking a partner.

Takuya: I love you, Hina                                 bitch finally.

True end

Hina and Takuya date into their university years and move in together.

Good end

Hina and Takuya go see a romance movie together after school.


I…I wish I were making these endings up lmao.

End spoilers yooooooooyooooooooo


This game plays a little like the old Neoromance games where its not a pure straight visual novel; there are events which you have to activate by going to certain places to visit certain chars but that’s it. However most annoying of all, is that all non-major events are random. It really doesn’t help when there are CGs in those events and it takes a year to load, play up until the day the event is meant to happen, doesn’t trigger, reload and repeat.  Nevertheless, if you’re not all about that full completion status then it may not matter as much to you.

Another issue I had with this game (and older Neoromance games for that) is that sometimes an event with (potential) spillover effect triggers, nothing happens, like for example a char getting upset that isn’t resolved, but then next event that char is completely normal. The game does have “sad episodes” but it just doesn’t play out as I would expect and the above still happens.

Weirdly enough, this game is full-voice, save for the heroine. I honestly did not expect a game from 2005 to be fully voiced since there were games that came out in 2012 that weren’t fully voiced (coughKoiSentaicough).

As one would expect, the art is quite dated. It does look wildly inconsistent from scene to scene but it’s not a thing that matters too much to me.


Well…..If you read the spoilers you can probably tell where I began to break.

It also really really really annoyed me that there was a Kusou clan. Read is slowly. Kuso u. I felt like I was hearing “shit clan” the entire time. Yeah I’m just weak but, KU SO U.

Overall, the story was fairly interesting for this route. It’s just a problem when you try to set up a mystery that was only a mystery just because.

The scenario writers for this game were the same ones responsible for AMNESIA, Korosuto (Mochizuki Yue) and Moujuutsukai to Oujisama, Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki (Yamazaki Asari). The listed games also seem to have some of the same problems in this route (mainly the latter for Akai Suna) where there’s a good idea which is not executed to the full potential/explored. But who knows maybe the other routes will explain something…

Other than the main mystery, everything else seems rather cliche and predictable. I did like how Hina was forward with wanting to know the truth, so it was more the capture-able chars that annoyed me a little. But honestly given I came into the game for CV: Koyasu only, having anything decent is already win. <- low standards


I’m honestly surprised at how many features such an old game has.

The menu shows the details of the current scene play through

The skip function is fairly fast and there’s two types, one that skips as you hold the R button or one that skips entire portions of the story up until an unread portion activated by the start button.

The log page has a replay function which replays the voices and can be set to auto play entire scenes which was helpful when I accidentally skipped the entire introduction lmfao.

The real MVP is that you can set the game to auto-save at the beginning of every scene and every choice, so you can reload if anything goes wrong (which is often for me).

There’s a completion page that’s full of all the completion statistics for endings, scenes, CGs, movies, lines, choices and playtime


Decent game despite its age, but also has issues because of that age.

Also lol, you know a game is old when Saiga Mitsuki, Ono Daisuke, Yasumoto Hiroki and Miura Hiroaki are only playing side characters.




  • Weird arbitrary rules regarding the truth in the heroine’s past
  • The inconsistent event planning which could’ve been solved if it were just a straight VN
  • The art probably

Yeah, I can tank this game. For CV: Koyasu.

If I can tank Solomon’s Ring, I’m invincible.


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  1. aheadofthenight

    Strangely, the menu reminds me of Skip Beat!’s which had the same function and showed the time spent on playing. Might be tempted to play if I had time to burn (LOL) One game has a character named Kuuso which made me chuckle at the time.

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