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Preferences of Otome Gamers // A survey of Japanese players

Like most things I write here, I had a random curiosity and then used my free time to see if there had been any research done into my random curiosity.

A while ago, I was curious about the thought processes that went into designing an otome game the way they are and wanted to know if there was any basis for the heroines’ personality written into games since quite a few are hit and miss personally. I know in the wider Western otome game fandom, this is also a recurring topic of discussion, but I wanted to know about Japanese games since that makes a bulk of the games I play.

I came across some presentation material given at a game conference some years ago which had some detail on writing otome games which got me thinking about how this came to be and what the current otome game climate is like, since the material was dated.


When I researched this topic I found something far more informative than what I was looking for.

Nakamura Sachiyo* had conducted some surveys of otome gamers in Japan to assess the current consumer base on both Twitter and Google surveys last year. She had initially done some presenting and explanation of the results with her background in game developing, which I will translate (prefaced by Nakamura said/stated etc.) and further assess by comparing the Twitter and Google survey results which she had not done. From the data I will attempt to draw any meaningful information while talking about other explanations too.

Interesting survey design choice…((it’s not perfect))

Please keep in mind that market analysis and whatnot is very foreign to my actual academic background (science) so if I make mistakes, let me know/take the explanation with a grain of salt. Also the resulting data is kind of not great in many cases.

I have rearranged the question presentation to answer what I wanted to know the most.

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