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Otome game endings // types of ends you may come across

You’re walking in the woods….There’s no one around and your phone is dead.
Out of the corner of your eye you spot him…

Shia LeBeouf.

What do you do?

Run away


Take the first swing before he can

Your choice will affect the ending you reach.


When you have a story, there has to be a starting, development and conclusion. What sets game narratives apart from the normal linear narrative structure is that there is an element of being able to choose how the story will play out and conclude. But have you ever wondered what kind of story endings there are out there?

I was asked on Curious Cat to talk about some of the different types of bad endings but to get there it might be easier to talk about all the general types that are prevalent in otome games to begin with. These can apply to any narrative, particularly those belonging to the same categories like galge and other general visual novels, but I’m hesitant to speak on absolute terms so for now I’ll just specify this is for otome games, particularly in my experience.

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