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Dot Kareshi III Unboxing

!!!! I recieved the final game!!

Time to unbox !!! ! ! ! ! ! !

Photos under the cut

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Dot Kareshi II Unboxing

I’ve played through a bit of Dot Kare I and…I have to say I feel a little disappoint. Mainly at lack of solid plot and actual game play time (  ´_ゝ`)…

Needless to say I could’ve just not bought the game but owning 1/3 games hurts my OCD and I’ve set aside some of my otome game funds as a sunk cost. (  ´_ゝ`)


Yes I bought the other Medialand set for the 2nd game. Photos after the cut.

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Dot Kareshi I Unboxing

I wouldn’t really have considered doing a post on this if I got the normal edition but since I actually went and threw like 2x rrp to buy this game, fuck I’m gonna get as much use as I can out of it, even if it includes randomly writing something useless on it.

A while ago I was mulling over whether to buy the normal edition of DotKare with the 2 official bonuses or buying the Medialand set and I folded for the Medialand set.

I did this mostly because of two reasons:

  1.  it came with a hell of a lot more stuff, as in real stuff not short stories/graphics
  2. it was also cheaper than the DotKare with both bonuses (3.5k yen vs 4k if I recall)

And after half the world full comp’d it already, I finally received it from my proxy (which is where the other half of the price came from ( ´_ゝ`) sigh).

Many photos in da post beware. Well not really actually. Whatever ( ´_ゝ`)

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