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Yuiga Satoru // further on being the victim of tracing

As my previous post on the events surrounding Yuiga Satoru’s situation had gotten fairly long and a fairly lengthy period of time has passed, I’ve opted to use a separate post for further updates.

For those who have completely missed what was happening, refer to my original post here which details everything up until April 2020.

Did you think it would go away?

I missed this update because Yuiga hadn’t tweeted about her new blog post but I got a Curious Cat ask to translate the post.

So on the 31st of October, Yuiga updated her blog to reply to the messages that she had gotten over between June and July this year.

Below is my translation of the blog post

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Impressions and Experience: Animate Girls Festival 2016

Those who follow me on twitter would know that this year I got the pleasure of going to Animate Girl’s Festival for the first time, which is the hallmark event for female fans of anime and games/drama CDs. Major companies and faces go to each event to promote their games etc. and people from all over Japan fight to attend. It happened on the 5th and 6th of November this year in the World Import Mart which is attached to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.

Unfortunately because of bad management ( ‾᷄꒫‾᷅ ) and being generally unlucky, I missed out on full day tickets and only managed to get afternoon tickets to the event, which means entry was only allowed after 1pm on each day. Not to mention the process of getting the tickets was a pain in the ass (´L_` )…

Anyways in general, unlike cons here in Australia (and I assume most places in the world) there are tickets specifically for cosplayers which allowed them to enter a cosplayer only area if I recall but (  ~´・_・`)~ I didn’t cosplay so I have no idea. The most I prepared with an itabag, which most attendees also had to put their best boy on display (・∀・)

Bear with me as I recap my experience in many photos and tweets www

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the event and I still miss it(^ω^)

Warning: Tweet/image heavy post ahead

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