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King of Fighters -Days of Memories- Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu // Overall thoughts

In celebration of the release of King of Fighters for Girls (read as: I’m hopelessly addicted to something weird again), I decided to play the predecessor game. Weirdly enough every article I came across in the English language seemed really confused why they made King of Fighters for Girls rather than continue the predecessor series, but after playing it, I have an inkling as to why.

For those less informed, King of Fighters (KOF) is a series of…fighting games (badumtish finger guns). Like most things in the 90’s, several romantic spinoff games under the series Days of Memories (DOM) were made for KOF where players could date the heroines and then in one game, the heroes. For the purposes of this blog post I’m focusing on the single title that was released for girls, not the other 5 for men.

The otome-targeted title, Days of Memories – Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu- (roughly, his and my hot summer), was first released for mobile in 2006 and ported to the Nintendo DS along with two other DOM titles for men in 2008. I understand it was probably a content volume issue that they needed to put these three titles together, but honestly it was a pretty dumb move consolidating two titles for men and one for women in the same physical game.

Probably like most otome gamers, my knowledge of KOF is pretty elementary, having played a total of one game on the original Gameboy of all things when I had 1 brain cell so I may have missed some more important references. But I’ll try my best to fill in the gaps with googlefu.

Title Screen

The little icons of the chars light up when you complete them so I could keep my progress that way….

Apologies in advance for half-edited half-unedited screenshots because I’m lazy and I don’t want more comments asking if the game is in English. Please read the warning on my sidebar.

Story synopsis

Makoto Satou (name changeable) is a 16 year old tomboy with more interest in karate than boys. Her bestfriend Kaori Asanaga laments that Makoto is wasting her youth but Makoto doesn’t really know how to spice it up. In the last month before her 17th birthday, Makoto’s school sees the transfer of the “princely” Rock Howard, along with his guardian and new teacher Terry Bogard. At the same time, due to her father’s work, Makoto begins living with the mysterious but serious Alba Meira. She spends her time learning karate from Ryo Sakazaki, the master of the Kyokugen fighting style, and playing around with her childhood friend Kyo Kusanagi. However she’s also reunited with her other childhood friend K’ (Kay Dash) who has developed a cold streak… Not to mention her narcissistic classmate Ash Crimson is causing trouble whereever he goes. Kaori, desperate for a summer time happening, drags Makoto to Iori Yagami’s live as well. With all these new and familiar faces, Makoto’s last summer as a 16 year old becomes an unforgettable one.

If my summary sounds like a mess, it’s because the game is a mess.

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