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Mizu no Senritsu// Kirihara Takuya Route and Initial Thoughts

Have you ever had an obsession with a voice actor who rarely ever takes center stage anymore? That’s me with CV: Koyasu Takehito. And that was my reasoning for picking up a game that was released for the PS2 in 2005, and ported to the PSP in 2009.

Mizu no Senritsu (loosely translating to the melody of water), was a game from the company KID which….doesn’t exist anymore. The story follows 16 year old Shiraishi Hina (name not changeable). As a 6 year old, Hina’s last memories in her hometown of Shouwa were of her suffering from an unexplained high fever which left her no choice but to leave without saying goodbye to any of her friends. Before she knew it, whenever she was sad, it always seemed to rain. Ten years later, due to her parents needing to work overseas, Hina is left to dorm life at Shouwa High school. There, she reunites with her childhood friends Kusakabe Hitomi and Shinno Kengo (CV: Suzumura Kenichi).

Mizu no Senritsu’s main screen

On her first day of high school, Hina is pushed down the stairs by an unknown assailant. Luckily she is saved by Kengo but Hina can’t help but be unnerved by the “prank”. Again and again, Hina keeps being attacked, which is when she realises someone is out to get her. It becomes apparent that the second year Kirihara Takuya (CV: Koyasu Takehito), and his elder brother and history teacher Kirihara Takahito (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) know something about her that she doesn’t.

Left: Takuya, Right: Takahito

When Kagara Shuuichi (CV: Morita Masakazu) and Akizuki Kei (CV: Kondou Kouichi) from the neighbouring high school force a meeting, Hina is attacked by Katase Tetsuo (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki). Not knowing what is happening, Hina ends up being dragged into a clan war between the Kusou Clan and the Ichiyou Clan.

There are a few more characters that appear but…I’m not sure what their relevance is to the main story is yet so I’ll leave them out for now.

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Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~Re Multi Universe Myself~ (vita) // Overall Thoughts

I said I can never go back but I did. And by I did, I mean my god Koyasu Takehito dragged me back to the vita once I found out he was in this porn game that I never paid attention to. That being said I didn’t expect it to be in this way.

Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~Re Multi Universe Myself~ was originally a porn game from Girl’s Dynamics released at the end of 2013, and this year had it’s porn removed and ported to the Vita by dramatic create. It’s falls into weird mix of sci-fi and crime and honestly I had no idea what to expect aside from CV: Koyasu (if you can’t tell by now, I’m probably going to be fairly biased when it comes to him).

what the heck is “re multi universe myself” even meant to mean

Unfortunately I never played the original because I didn’t kn0w Koyasu was in it, so this is my thoughts on the game for the first time.


In a futuristic Japan, where crime is rampant and technology has advanced as far as proving the existence of 11 dimensions, Nakahara Tomoe (CV: Nakajima Saki) is a bounty hunter who takes pride in her sword skills. An incident between her brother and parents 10 years ago left her on her own. Filled with rage, Tomoe seeks to avenge her parents by killing her brother, Nakahara Raikou (CV: Koyasu Takehito), who she thinks was their murderer. One day on a bounty hunting job, Tomoe single handedly takes out a cult but carelessly lets one member survive. That person escapes to a parallel world in an attempt to take revenge on her. It is then that Tomoe learns of the existence of top secret government equipment that allows members of one world to travel to another and that in this other world, there are parallel versions of themselves also living out their lives. If this parallel version of themselves die in the other world, the current version will also die. To stop the cult member from murdering the parallel version of Tomoe, she and the policeman entrusted to her division, Kira Seishirou (CV: Higuchi Tomoyuki & Kitayama Kyousuke) set off to this parallel world to hunt him down. Meanwhile another bounty hunter, Orion Drednaught (CV: Kawahara Yoshihisa) and the terrorist Geoffroy Felix (CV: Oda Hisafumi) have also been employed to kill her. Tomoe takes all these challenges face on and intends to get to the bottom of the case.

I’m not gonna summarise the story because I rushed through the game to get to CV: Koyasu so I didn’t take notes. But I will discuss some things in the spoilery side of things and cry. Mainly cry.

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5nin no Koi Prince ~Himitsu no Keiyaku Kekkon~// All Routes and Thoughts

No this isn’t about the mobile game of the same name, but the Vita port that came out…..2 years ago.

Y’know when they announced the cast and I saw Koyasu I immediately eye zoomed into his char and after hearing it was originally a mobile game, realised they doomed him to a subpar game. Nevertheless this means I bought it.

I originally intended to do this as a short thing because I imagined it was a short game but…Yeah nothing new it was short, I’m just slow. I didn’t take many screenshots either.

This game has all the hallmarks of being the Best Game in History

5nin no Koi Prince, or KoiPri is about this super rich old fogey who recently died, Saionji Hajime’s fortune. Apparently he left behind like an obscene amount of money (50 billion yen) to his children, with one catch: only the one who marries the daughter of his one true love will be the one who can inherit it. Making sure this is a legit marriage of love, is the lawyer Maki Yuusuke.

Coincidentally all of Hajime’s sons happen to be super successful as well as good looking which makes them the Prince Five as dubbed by Maki (I used this dumb ass name as my tag for the non-spoilery live tweeting of the game as well). So Maki drags the daughter of Hajime’s first love (the heroine) to his mansion and abruptly tells her to marry one of them.

The heroine (patissier) couldn’t give two shits about the money since she’s happy with her life, but upon hearing that the jealous younger brother of Hajime, Shiro might try to destroy her life accepts the conditions, choosing one of the dudes.

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